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Podcast Ep. #072 - Showdown


Ever heard of the Disney/Pixar bracket? A few days (actually weeks) ago we took the challenge together and went through an epic showdown!

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Podcast Ep. #071 - Orange


In episode 71 we start a conversation that will definitely continue in future episodes of the podcast: our memories and experiences with Blender Open Movies.

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Podcast Ep. #070 - Trivia


While the studio is getting ready for the Code Quest, Hjalti had a special surprise to test our Blender nerdism: a trivia game!

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Podcast Ep. #069 - Idols


With the teaser trailer of the open movie HERO being released, it got us thinking about our heroes.

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Podcast Ep. #068 - Focus


"How do you keep focus?". This is the question we ask ourselves in this episode.

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Podcast Ep. #067 - Quest


You might have heard of the Blender 2.8 Code Quest. If not, join us for a little recap, plus some fun before-the-launch behind-the-scenes stories.

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Podcast Ep. #066 - Calculations


Welcome to 66, where we recap what is happening at the studio, including the challenges that come with calculating and estimating how long and how many resources a production will need.

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Podcast Ep. #065 - Poodle


Welcome, take a seat! The alternative ending for Agent 327 - Operation Barbershop has been released, we recap the release and quiz Pablo about how it's like to transition from Maya to Blender.

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Podcast Ep. #064 - Trends


It's 2018! After a rundown on the latest Blender Cloud updates (especially Flamenco) by Dr. Sybren, we review the status of the Hero and Spring Open Movies. Finally we delve into a fully scientific prediction about the trends of this year.

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Podcast Ep. #063 - Cow


After a brief recap about the on-going work on the Spring project, we get a hold of Sergey to talk about his latest Blender development! Check out episode 63 to peek behind the curtains of Blender Animation Studio!

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