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Podcast Ep. #071 - Orange


In episode 71 we start a conversation that will definitely continue in future episodes of the podcast: our memories and experiences with Blender Open Movies.

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Podcast Ep. #070 - Trivia


While the studio is getting ready for the Code Quest, Hjalti had a special surprise to test our Blender nerdism: a trivia game!

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Podcast Ep. #069 - Idols


With the teaser trailer of the open movie HERO being released, it got us thinking about our heroes.

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Podcast Ep. #068 - Focus


"How do you keep focus?". This is the question we ask ourselves in this episode.

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Podcast Ep. #067 - Quest


You might have heard of the Blender 2.8 Code Quest. If not, join us for a little recap, plus some fun before-the-launch behind-the-scenes stories.

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Podcast Ep. #066 - Calculations


Welcome to 66, where we recap what is happening at the studio, including the challenges that come with calculating and estimating how long and how many resources a production will need.

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Podcast Ep. #065 - Poodle


Welcome, take a seat! The alternative ending for Agent 327 - Operation Barbershop has been released, we recap the release and quiz Pablo about how it's like to transition from Maya to Blender.

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Podcast Ep. #064 - Trends


It's 2018! After a rundown on the latest Blender Cloud updates (especially Flamenco) by Dr. Sybren, we review the status of the Hero and Spring Open Movies. Finally we delve into a fully scientific prediction about the trends of this year.

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Podcast Ep. #063 - Cow


After a brief recap about the on-going work on the Spring project, we get a hold of Sergey to talk about his latest Blender development! Check out episode 63 to peek behind the curtains of Blender Animation Studio!

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Podcast Ep. #062 - Pablicoco


Say welcome to our new animator Pablo Fournier in this action packed episode 62! Francesco and Hjalti share what happened on their trip to CTN and Andy sums up the latest progress of the Spring movie project.

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