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Podcast Ep. #065 - Poodle


Welcome, take a seat! The alternative ending for Agent 327 - Operation Barbershop has been released, we recap the release and quiz Pablo about how it's like to transition from Maya to Blender. Also, it's Sculptjanuary and Julien talks about the joy of being a moderator *while* attending the sculpting frenzy every single day! Further, Hjalti and Pablo discuss the benefits of a pose library for animation and the upcoming additions to the Blender addon Dr. Sybren is developing together with Jasper van Nieuwenhuizen. Big things are happening behind the curtains of the Spring movie production as well. Julien sculpts a giant poodle moth and Andy and the team sum up their latest work in the Blender Animation Studio.

In this podcast: Pablo (Fournier), Hjalti, Julien and Andy

Music: Blabetté de Metz (Psy-Jazz Mix) - (cc-by-nc) keytronic




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