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Podcast Ep. #058 - Scripting


Tales from America, The Dweebs, future content and Scripting for artist. What a ride!

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Podcast Ep. #057 - Candidate


Learn all about Blender 2.79 in this special episode dedicated completely to the upcoming Blender release.

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Podcast Ep. #056 - Dweebs


The Blender Animation Studio is back with the announcement of a new short open movie project!

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Podcast Ep. #055 - Construction


Back to our original format, here is a recount of our latest adventures! We celebrate the beta release of Flamenco and Attract, hear from Pablo about Mundos Digitales and more!

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Podcast Ep. #054 - Startup


Blender 2.8 news? Check. Experience on starting a new project or mastering Blender? Check. Cloud and Flamenco updates? Check! This podcast is all over the place, tune in for episode 54 of the Blender Animation Studio Podcast!

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Podcast Ep. #053 - Opera


Welcome to episode 53 of the Blender Studio Podcast! A few hours before the team goes to the opera we talk about the latest updates on Blender development, like grease pencil and other 2.8 goodies.

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