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Podcast Ep. #047 - Mantissa


Happy release! Blender 2.78b is out, will there be a 2.78c? Our special guest Midge (AKA The Mantissa) uses the latest anyway, and he will be using it soon for a new Motion Graphics training on Blender Cloud.

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Podcast Ep. #046 - Turbocharged


So the big news nowadays is that Cycles motion blur is now 10x faster, but have you ever wondered how that even works? Find out on the Blender Institute Podcast!

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Podcast Ep. #045 - Resolutions


Welcome to the first Blender Institute Podcast of 2017! Find out what has been happening within the frantic production cycles of the Agent 327 film project.

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Podcast Ep. #044 - Kjartan


Welcome to the last Blender Institute Podcast of 2016! In this episode we catch up with Blender development, introduce CG artist Kjartan Tysdal and check the progress with Agent 327.

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Podcast Ep. #043- Nathan


Dalai opens the episode with an update about the upcoming "Layers" project for Blender 2.8. After that, we get to know the special guest of this episode: Nathan, animator at Blender Institute for the Agent 327 Barbershop scene.

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Podcast Ep. #042- #BCon16


The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. Or, in other words: Blender Institute Podcast #42.

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Podcast Ep. #041- Micropolygons


Time for your Blender fix! We talk about new full-time jobs in the community, Animation Nodes, Blender development updates on the brand new 2.78 and upcoming 2.8. Special guest: Cycles developer Mai Lavelle!

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Podcast Ep. #040- Blendercoders


Surrounded by Blender Developers, Francesco struggles to ask them meaningful questions about their past with Blender and the exciting future projects such as the new viewport and asset management. Special guests: Mike Erwin and Dalai Felinto.

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Podcast Ep. #039 - Colin


Delight your ears with our 39th sonic adventure! This week we're joined by the Blender celebrity, director of Sintel and former Pixarian: Colin Levy

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Podcast Ep. #038 - GraphicAll


This week we talk about character sheets, animation and a bunch of Blender stuff, from 2.78 to 2.8, Blender 101 project, new content on Blender Cloud and as always we answer questions from our beloved subscribers.

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