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Podcast Ep. #010 - Sergey


Blender Core developer Sergey is now part of the team at Blender Institute! So he joined the podcast to chat about the upcoming development plans for 2016. Also, we discuss the upcoming open movie "Caminandes: Llamigos" release and answer several questions from Blender Cloud members.

04:00 Upcoming Caminandes: Llamigos release
17:00 Sergey talks about his upcoming Blender development plans
36:00 The craziest uses of Blender we made
42:38 Given unlimited resources, which area of Blender would we improve?
50:00 Explain Blender to a newbie in 50 seconds

Music by Blabetté de Metz (Psy-Jazz Mix) - (cc-by-nc) keytronic



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